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Social Bookmarking Traffic | Get Targeted Traffic With Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Traffic

Getting Targeted Traffic From Social Bookmarking Traffic Sites

by Sonja Solaro

social bookmarking traffic

Social bookmarking has become one of the most popular methods of sending highly targeted traffic back to your website or blog.  Here's the scoop on this powerful method. No matter what your target market may be, when you done correctly, you'll have lots of social bookmarking traffic finding its way to your website.

There are dozens of social bookmarking traffic sites online that can all be leveraged for promotional methods but that does not mean that you need to resort to unethical behavior like spamming. It is important not to follow the status quo; creative thinking is what wins the day with these social bookmarking traffic sites.

Once you get used to the whole social bookmarking traffic arena and figure out how it works, it will get a lot easier for you gain visitors from these sites.

Social Bookmarking Traffic Tip:  Sales Pitches are a Strict No No

If you want to use social bookmarking traffic to get people to visit your website, you need to remember that most of the people who use sites like this are only looking for information and do not want to get anything else.

This is why you should never ever bookmark your sales page, because that would be nothing but direct selling. People who click through will know right away that your primary goal is to get their money and not to help them. This will cause all of your hard work to backfire.

Instead what you need to do is bookmark a pre-sales page so that you can warm up your potential buyers before you try to sell directly to the people who have clicked through to your work.

Social Bookmarking Traffic Tip:  Submit All Types of Content

Don't allow your activities to be limited in terms of the kinds of content that you put up on the social bookmarking traffic sites. You can get more exposure when you put up audio, video, still photos, written documents, artwork, etc.

The more you diversify your efforts here, the better. The reason for this is, people are constantly looking for information to consume in various forms, which you can give them on a regular basis. For example, when you create and publish a new video that benefits people in your niche – bookmark it with your knew social bookmarking traffic knowledge!

Make it a new habit to bookmark every single thing that you create online. Let the people discover the many sides of your business.

Social Bookmarking Traffic Tip:  Include a Profile Picture

When you're leveraging social bookmarking traffic sites like and, you'll see that other users will start identifying you with your profile picture; so make sure you're using an eye catching one.

You might not think the picture of social bookmarking traffic is a big deal, but it can really make a difference. It can make you seem more believable and your profile will seem more interesting. Remember, no matter what kind of marketing initiative you take, you should always try to get the best reaction from the end user.

Boring is the opposite of interesting and that is why it doesn't help sell things.

Social Bookmarking Traffic Tip:  Is it Current? 

Social Bookmarking Traffic depends all upon the users. That's It.

You will get all sorts of votes if you are able to impress the users of these sites by offering up something newsworthy. Your primary aim needs to be giving your target audience something that is worth their attention.

Delivering content that isn't newsworthy will only attract negative votes. So, before you upload any content at all, ask yourself if it is truly worthy of being linked on a social bookmarking site. Will it benefit the users in some way?

Social bookmarking traffic sites can be great opportunities for long term traffic but it really depends on the effort that you put in.

It is very important to understand and focus on how to better leverage the social bookmarking traffic sites for targeted traffic. The real trick is to use social bookmarking traffic strategy alongside your other traffic generation methods so you can get massive results.

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Effective Personal Branding With Social Media

Effective Personal Branding With Social Media

"Creating Your Personal Brand Is Very Powerful…Use Social Media To Your Advantage"

A distinct method for reaching out to your target audience involves marketing your products and creating a personal brand. Well, social media is definitely here to stay and this blog post will help you to discover what a great tool social media can be if you use it properly to create a personal brand.

To begin, build a lot of paths.  Let's be real, social media is broad and it  spans out over hundreds of sites that work in different areas.  Just possessing a Facebook page is wonderful, but it is not the end to all things social.  There are many more pieces to the puzzle.  Take advantage of them.

"Use A Wide Variety Of Social Media Sources…There Are Hundreds Available!"

Your blog page is actually the most effective location to start creating your brand.  This is very powerful.  By starting your own market targeted blog on your own domain, it will begin to make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.

And then, in order to truly maximize social media, in terms of personal branding, you should focus on multiple social media channels that help you define yourself in the best possible manner. 

For example, you can put videos on YouTube, pass along pictures on Flicker, use Twitter to tweet to your followers and Slideshare for showing various presentations. Doing these daily over time will make you stand out in the marketplace.  You become much more visible and make connections with your viewers.

"Your Efforts Will Definitely Add Up Over Time…

The Time You Spend Is A Great Investment…"

Always remember that spending time with different social media platforms is very crucial if you really want to make it beneficial. Everything is intertwined on the Internet, and your brand will begin to surface.  People will begin to recognize you and seek you out.

It is very important to spark people's interest.  We all have something that is interesting about us. When it comes to social media, you can use this to your advantage. Everything that you provide within the social media environment must be an item that shows that you are a person of interest and that you provide good, valuable content. This is extremely important when producing your own brand.

You will begin to get a lot of recognition when you provide strong, valuable content.  It's crucial to your success as a leader.  This indicates that you care and that you have a lot to give.  People are looking for leaders who will help them.  You want that to show in your brand. 

"Continue to Stretch Yourself, Develop and Share Quality Content…

This Proves You Care And Are A Great Leader And You Are Helping Others."

Any variety of online materials such as audios, pictures, articles, blog posts or videos can be used to get this done. As long as you always share and give good content, you will have the capability to create a brand that people will relate to.

Stretch yourself and continue to learn and develop.  Never getting out of your comfort zone will not lead to much of anything positive. You should work at using social media. You should try new things. Your target audience will instantly connect with you when they see that you are putting in the effort to accomplish each step.

Being sought out as a leader and having your content being passed along by other people is due to the fact that you are adding an extreme amount of value.  Your brand will become very identifiable when people see you offering something a little different to you.  You will begin to get the attention of your targeted market by writing things that are both uniquely you and creative. 

In conclusion, it takes some time, consistency and genuine effort.  You need to be patient through your personal brand-building experience, but it is definitely worth the time.  Social media works and it all adds up to a strong and uniquely branded you. 

Wishing You The Best In Your Social Media And Branding Endeavors!


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Create Leverage | Create Leverage With Your Own Dollar Army! $$$

Create Leverage

Create Your Leveraged Dollar Army

by Sonja Solaro

create leverage

 "How Will YOU Create Leverage?" 

When you create leverage, it is the most powerful tool you can use to create true wealth and financial independence from home.  In fact, It is absolutely crucial to create leverage if you want to get out of the nine to five rat race quickly, or if you’ve lost your nine to five job and are looking to create wealth from the comfort of your home.

I will be discussing a powerful principle about how to create leverage in this blog post, as it relates to generating one or numerous streams of wealth, so you can achieve the highest level of financial success in the least time possible. It is very important to understand that trading your time for money doesn’t work well anymore. Now you will have the knowledge to create leverage, an amazing wealth development tool, and put it to work for you.

As you carefully study the actions of successful people throughout time who have earned significant amounts of wealth, you notice they did not trade their time for money. Instead, they used the powerful secret of putting automatic, leveraged systems to work for them to create leverage and generate massive wealth.

Most people don’t know how to use or create leverage and that is why most people don’t have money accumulating for themselves over time. Pay close attention. Once you learn to use and create leverage in the right way, your financial growth will be a success and your life will take a dramatic turn for the better. You will accomplish exponentially more in the same amount of time as others who don’t put these leveraged systems to work for themselves.

Now we know the most powerful tool for wealth creation is to create leverage and put that powerful tool and system to work for you. I like to picture it as having a massive, hard working, never tiring, army of dollars working for me and my loved ones. And this army of dollars works around the clock, day in and day out. 

But how is that even possible?  It sounds like some sort of fantasy!

Good news, it is possible, it is not a fantasy.  And, the best thing is that anyone can create leverage for themselves and access this true wealth creation by tapping into the Internet. A tool practically everyone has right under their nose.

By using the correct system or systems on the Internet you will be able to create leverage.  You will be able to work from your own home.  When you have your system set up, it will create leverage and you will create true and growing wealth, practically on auto-pilot.

You will need to spend some time getting your system set up and maximized, but then you can back off and you will just need to spend a few hours a week overseeing the successful system. At this time you can also create leverage again with another powerful system, if you choose.

You will love it when you create leverage because your time will be freed up and this will allow you to live a more balanced life and fulfill many of your dreams!  You can have flexible hours and you won't be trading your time for dollars any more. You will be earning what you're worth and actually, your income will not have limits, so dream big!

And highly leveraged systems do not need to be risky. The key is to invest your time in a proven system that is already generating wealth. This way you don’t have to put in the dirty work of figuring out what will work and what won’t. You merely plug-in to an up and running system, spend a day or so getting your individual system set up, and it will be ready to start generating money for you within a couple days.

With the economy like it is, thousands are coming online and the door of opportunity for you to create leverage and set up your wealth generating income is here. Don’t wait and watch from the sidelines and watch your income shrivel from inflation. Begin to create leverage now and put a highly leveraged wealth creation system to work for you and your loved ones today.

create leverage

"Don't Miss Out…Create Leverage & Put It To Work For You Today!"

I have created leverage with several wealth generating systems, right in the comfort of my home.  That's what's most fulfilling for me. 

One of the powerful systems I am most excited about, because of the massive results I am seeing and thousands of others are seeing from all over the world. And, it's working for people who have little Internet or business skills as well as those who are considered experts online.

If you are wanting to create leverage and start a home business or if you already have a successful business, but just want to increase your profits using another powerful and successful leveraged system, I definitely think you will like what you see!  


Click on this link NOW to see a FREE Video:  Create Leverage!

Remember, I am always here to help you get your own business up and running.  So begin to create leverage now and get a wonderful leveraged dollar army working for you. And, never forget, I am Sincerely Dedicated to You And Your Success Living!  That's what life is all about. đŸ˜‰

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Cold Barn Warms More Than My Heart!

"Cold Barn Warms Me To My Bones…

Can Blessings Really Warm More Than Your Heart?!" 

by Sonja Solaro

Jan. 10, 2011

Most of us believe a special blessing can warm our hearts.  But do you think savoring a blessing, really capturing it, can actually warm our bodies?  At least for a little while?! 

Read about my experience and then let me know what you think.  Leave a comment or share a moment of your own…I'd love to hear what you think or read about your 'toasty' time? 

I was just tweeting about getting myself all 'psyched up' to get 'bundled' up to head outside into the freezing cold.

It was chore time…a.k.a. dinner time. Our barnful of big, furry and feathery pets needed hay, grain and water…again.  More feeding times and harder work now that winter was here and the pastures were all covered with snow.

Because I was so snuggled up and because it was colder tonight, I knew it was going to be tougher to get going this time.  But I knew I had to go.  I started lifting my blanket, sighed, and covered myself up again. 

Then began the coaxing.  I thought to myself, "Sonja, why not treat yourself to some hot chocolate when you get back inside?  What a treat that would be.  You know Sonja, not just any hot chocolate, but your favorite kind.  The steaming, dark hot chocolate served in a big heavy mug, all heaped up and overflowing with mini marshmallows that start melting as you watch them.  Oh, Sonja, you know those yummy melting marshmallows, and you certainly can't forget about the peppermint candy stir stick!" 

That sounded sooo good.  O.K. I would definitely have a cup when I got back inside.  I started thinking about the hot chocolate and could already taste it.  It would help rewarm my bones that would certainly get chilled from this freezing cold weather by then.  I planned to run out, get the 'job' done and run back in as quick as I could go.  I'd be sipping on that yummy stuff soon.


So I toughened up, bundled up and proudly tweeted, "1,2,3…ready or not… Here I go… Brrrrr!"  Then out the door I shot, running as fast as I could, taking giant leaps as I blazed a new trail to the barn through the deep snow.  

I really was thinking about the hot chocolate and I really was going to have a glass when I got back inside, but that wasn't the only thing that got me out the door tonight.  If it was, then I shouldn't be living where I'm living.  And certainly not with all the animals that we have.

The main reason I went out the door tonight was because I knew I was needed.  I had to go.  And when you have a barnful of animals that loves you and depends on you, your heart is warmed and you go no matter what you have to do for them or how hard the work is…it's one of the genuine joys of living in the country.   

So, I wasn't complaining, it was just colder this time and it did help thinking about the warmth I'd feel when I got back inside the house all tucked in with my cup of hot chocolate. Besides, I figured I'd be back within fifteen to twenty minutes savoring the taste.  

But do you want to know what happened this time?!  I was outside much, much longer than I expected I would be.  And yes, it was much colder outside.  But the miracle of this message is…it never felt as cold as I thought for sure it would feel.  In fact, it actually warmed me up

Isn't it interesting how a blessing doesn't just warm your heart.  I believe a blessing can warm your entire body, if you'll truly capture it!

Well, I'm back inside now.  I want to share what happened…  

Can you believe my heart is so warmed up that I actually feel hot?  Maybe it's the layers of extra clothing? Maybe it's from throwing the bales of hay? Maybe it's the warmth of the gratitude that I feel? 

Maybe, just maybe, it's because I just realized that so many of my dreams have come true and I just got a real hot-blast of genuinely enjoying my  dreams.  I truly captured, lived in, and savored my moment of blessing.  

I have always dreamed of having my own barnful of animals…and I mean always...since I was a little girl.  And I was just out feeding them!   They are real!  This moment of blessing is real!  And believe me, it's warm!

As I've been thinking and enjoying these thoughts, I realize I have peeled off several layers of my clothing and I have actually turned on the ceiling fan.  Can you believe it?  It's the middle of January.  It almost sounds crazy!  But it truly is real…this is such a big part of my dream… and I'm really here living it!

 I can never describe the genuine warmth and blessing I received in our winter barn tonight.  But I'm going to try my hardest…

 Watching as the animals rounded the corner and made their grand entrance with snow blanketed coats.  Heads hanging low to break the wind.  Whiskers and eyelashes covered with snow.  Feeling their fuzzy fur, the wooly wool and warm breath.  Seeing all those grateful eyes.  Then hearing the crunching and munching and smelling the hay. 

How wonderful it was…  So tonight I decided not to run back inside.  Instead, I slowed myself down and stayed for dinner…

I watched them eat.  I watched them have their little squabbles about 'whose pile is whose,' I watched the glistening snow flakes slowly melt from their coats.  I listened to the bells hanging from some of their  collars.  I soaked it all in.

Then I took my mittens off.  I groomed them and ran my hands over their fur.  I put my cheek to my horse's velvety muzzle, hugged them and looked them all in the eye.

I had to loosen my scarf…  I was warming up.  Even though it was still cold outside, I really was warming up…from the inside out.  And my mind wasn't dwelling on the cold chill anymore.  I wasn't even thinking about it.  I was lost in my moment of blessing.  Getting back to the house and my hot chocolate was the last thing on my mind.  

When dinner was over, I reached into my jar of peppermint candies.  Heads weren't hanging anymore.  Heads were held high, ears were pricked and all eyes were on me. They knew they were going to get dessert tonight.  Each animal got a treat from my outstretched hand.  I had a peppermint candy too.  They chewed theirs right down.  Peppermint breath surrounded me and filled the air.

Then, I turned and walked toward the door.  I looked up and saw our sign, "Secret Shoe Stables."  This was our barn.  We named it.  I saw the old bridle from my first horse hanging on the wall.  It serves as a decoration and a remembrance.  The soft  gospel music we always leave on in the barn 24 hours a day played in the background.  This has always been my dream and I'm right here in the middle of it.  It's a part of my life.

Before turning out the light, I peeked back.  They were all still watching me.  Maybe they were hoping for another peppermint?  But maybe, just maybe, they were telling me thanks for being there.  That's what I like to believe. 

All I know for sure is when I looked back at my barnful of beauties before closing the door, I told them good night and I told them all thank you.  Then I closed my eyes and lifted up a prayer of gratitude and wonder.  Wow, what a blessing!  I will never forget it. 

I returned to the house via the same trail of snow as when I ran to the barn tonight. Looking down in the moonlight, I noticed my footprints were about 4 feet apart on the way out here… I had been running and leaping through the snow, as fast as I could. And I had planned to make a mad dash back to the house as fast as I could when my 'job' was done.

Now I realized I was walking slow, step by step, being sure to take it all in.  I stretched out my arms and spun around, my scarf twirled with me in my outstretched hand.  Then I stuck out my tongue to catch the fresh snow flakes fluttering from the sky,  taking it all in.  I laid down, stared up at the star-filled sky and made a snow angel.  My wings fluttered gracefully up and down. 


Then it happened…my horse gave a nicker from the barn… it kind of woke me up.  I realized I was on the ground, covered in snow and truly happy.  Our two bunnies hopped by, watching in a curious way.  

This wasn't a 'job,' I wasn't even cold, and I had forgotten about the hot chocolate!  As I began to rise, I paused on my knees and thanked the Lord for all He provides.  I knew then that the snow falling from the sky wasn't just snow.  It  was glitter being gently tossed from heaven.

Trust me when I say, I'll never have to get "psyched up" again…no matter how cold or how windy it is. I'll just smile and go. And I know I will stay warm beyond imagination…it's tough to beat the glowing warmth of a winter barn! Ours is full of horses, sheep, goats, donkeys,bunnies, turkeys, chickens, a cow and an injured raccoon.  And I truly love them all.   

So I got back inside, excited to write this and share it with you, because you are important to me.  Your dreams are important to me.  And you living your dreams and savoring your blessings is what life is all about.   

My heart and body feels so toasty and warm!  I'm definitely too hot for the hot chocolate.  So I'm writing this while drinking a cool glass of refreshing lemonade.  Snow is falling past my window, my dogs are laying by my side, my cat's in my lap and my birds are chatting in the background.  Norah Jones is playing from my compiter speakers, a candle is burning and things feel so right.

Go for your dreams and savor your blessings.  Forget about the chilly times and just bask in the warmth around you.  When you think about all the things you really have to be thankful for, you will probably need a cool glass of lemonade too…with a big splash of gratitude.

Cheers to lemonade in winter and cheers to all the fabulous reasons we have to have a glass!!  Enjoy!

P.S. If you have any pets, no matter how big or small, reach out and give them an extra squeeze…Your heart will be warmed.  

"When you freeze your moment of blessing in time, it will warm your heart for eternity.  Never forget your special moments and never forget to savor them!"       –Sonja Solaro 

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Specific Step To Achieve Your Goals!

Achieve Your Goals With This Specific Powerful Step!

by Sonja Solaro

Are you ready to finally achieve a goal? We all seem to have goals, but actually reaching them is often harder than some people realize. You may have a burning desire to see a change in your life such as improved fitness, more money in your savings, or less stress. But how should you implement those changes?

Besides breaking your goal into a step by step strategy, what else can you do to finally make your goals more obtainable? You've decided you don't want to just dream about them anymore. You've decided you are serious and absolutely motivated to achieve your goals.

The specific system you will learn in this article will help you to finally make your goals real.

To begin, obviously you need a goal. That sounds so easy, of course you do. But is your goal specific, or is it just a vague dream? When you create a goal, be certain you are as specific as you can be. This is a key factor. You don't just want to say, 'I would like more money' or 'I would like to live a healthier lifestyle'. Be specific. Know exactly what you want and why you want it. Think deeper.

A crucial step toward achieving your goal is visualizing it. When you create a goal and really imagine it, be certain to use all of your senses. Picture it in your mind and heart and really make it yours. Draw yourself deep into your thoughts. This makes it real and makes it easier to obtain. This will also assist you as you decide your action steps. What do you need to do to achieve your goal?

How will it be when you achieve your goal? Think about it exactly. Imagine how you will look and feel. Where will you be or what will be changed in your life. What positive differences will have happened? Is there something in your life now that was not there before? Is something gone now that was a problem for you before? Are you feeling less stressed?

Continue to keep this positive image in your mind as often as you can, especially when you are feeling defeated or ready to throw in the towel. There are obstacles to overcome whenever trying to reach a worthwhile goal, but it will always be well worth the effort. Remember to focus on the positive aspects your change will make. This will keep you motivated and on track. Research and then focus on all the benefits of your proposed change.

Periodically, check in on yourself to be certain that you are still on the right path. Better yet, have another person check in with you and stay accountable to them. Ask yourself if you are performing to your utmost. Have you been consistent? How about your progress. Are you making headway? If not, why not? What could be slowing you down? What could you do to improve? When you ask yourself these questions, be honest. It is also beneficial to get an opinion from a trusted friend.

Making a vision board can be tremendously helpful and powerful.  It will always be right in front of you and it will constantly be reminding you of your desired goals. Last of all, we can never forget the good old rule of writing out your goals. It seems so basic, nevertheless it is a must. If you are serious about obtaining your goals,you shouldn't even consider this an option. Somehow when you write out your goals, they become very real and detailed. They also become more powerful, and therefore more obtainable. These things all work together in an awesome way.

Most importantly, remember to always keep your goal as specific as possible. Continue to visualize and 'live' your goal and truly capture it in your mind. Make it your own. This is the most crucial, but the most overlooked part in obtaining a goal. You really need to 'believe' it in your mind and in your inner heart. You have to 'own' it and never give up. This will keep you motivated and it will keep your goal crystal clear.

Stay at it consistently and this will play a big part in you achieving a very life changing goal. Congratulations to you!

Sonja Solaro is a Christian wife, award winning mompreneur, pro internet marketer, internet marketing mentor and published author. For more details on Sonja or successful living visit Sonja's blog. Go here if one of your goals is to create wealth from home and learn about the internet platform Sonja's uses. Sonja is dedicated to your success! Don't reprint this article. Instead, reprint a free unique content version of this same article.

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