Sonja Solaro --Christian Wife, Stay at Home Mother, Published Author, Nonprofit Founder/President

About Sonja

"Polite Warning…"

Thank you for visiting to find out more about me. Just so you know, I'm not going to throw up a couple quick, shallow facts about my life and start talking business. Real relationships are not built that way, don't work well that way, don't last that way… …and I'm just not that way. I'm one of those deep gals. This is an "About Me" tab, so guess what? I am going to share "nitty – gritty" details. I'm going to open up and expose a lot of who I am, where I came from, what I do and what I'm all about.

"Monkeying Around" on Stage with Dexter from the Movie, "Night at the Museum"

Typically when writing, I am concerned with the amount of "I" and "me" words that are included. Not here, because I am writing about me, but I'm writing for you. You can close right out of the tab, skim the content or jump from section to section. Who knows, maybe you'll truly enjoy every word. Whatever makes you comfortable! You get to choose. Hopefully you will find a couple of nuggets to make it worth your time. Last, and most importantly, I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your life, what you believe in, what you live for and what your dreams are. Keep me posted!! To Your Success and With a Smile 🙂 ,

Let's get going and dig in…

"Purpose Of This Page…"

You will learn about me here, and more, you will determine if you are making some type of connection with me. I want to share and help you achieve your dreams, goals and success. I want to help you better your life and/or build your business any way I can, no strings attached…

"Loving My Life and Wanting YOU to Love Your Life Too…!"

I am a Christian wife and mother and have been happily married for 18 years to my wonderful and supportive husband Steve. We have one beautiful, active, 14 year old daughter, Jessica, who attends a private Christian school.

Steve, Jess and I Swimming with the Dolphins in the Bahamas

Ultimately, I believe life is about working for and fulfilling a larger purpose, living for more than just yourself and for more than just now. I have chosen carefully what I'm living for, and I'm passionate about those things. That is incredibly important. It allows me to truly love my life, no matter what temporary struggles I may face, because I remember the deeper meaning of what I'm living for. I share this so you realize, if you don't already, the importance of pursuing and living for what you were created to do and helping those you are meant to help. We are all here for a reason. We've got to discover the reason, grab it, go for it and never stop!

"Living My Dream and Wanting YOU to Live Your Dream Too…!"

From a young age I knew I wanted to touch a lot of people's lives and help a lot of animals, so I began early searching for the paths to follow that would allow me to do that. I have worked in many different jobs and areas, lived all over the United States, traveled all over the world and have had loads of incredible experiences. Through the years, these purposes have been whittled down and fine tuned.

Ready for a Romantic Dinner at The Ritz with my Husband Steve

Now I'm in my forties and feel totally in balance and have peace about the direction I am heading like never before. It is fun and amazing to take a peek back and see how my past roads and experiences have merged together in miraculous ways. The timing is right, things are in place, I am on track and gaining momentum. My dreams about what I can still do in my personal life, through my projects and in my business excite me no end. "No Matter What You Pay to Achieve Your Dreams…It's Always a Bargain." –Sonja Solaro

Some Of The Major Things I'm Living For

"Published Author/Writer…"

My first published book, The Mystery of The Secret Shoes, debuted in February of 2008. It is a Christian children's book which cleverly weaves a story about true beauty coming from the inside. It builds confidence and inner joy. When the mystery is solved, children walk away with a secret that will bless and impact every area of their lives in amazing ways.

I don't write in a 'teaching' style. Rather, my goal as a writer is to be known as an uplifting and caring story-teller who unlocks a sense of wonder in her reader; a woman who shares her wisdom in delightful, interesting ways.

"Signing A Book For A Family In Jamaica"

Most importantly, I want to instill faith, values, hope and self confidence in readers. A portion of my days are filled with reading and research for future writing projects. Stories are very powerful. They live on, long after the author is gone, and continue touching lives. That makes it worthwhile to me.

"A Stop On My California Book Tour"

"Nonprofit Founder and President…"

I am the Founder/President of Secret Shoe Steps International and have pledged to give 100% of the money raised through my book and audio/DVD sales to this much needed 501c3 nonprofit outreach. Secret Shoe Steps International distributes shoes, clothing, food, needed supplies, books, Bibles and life-changing hope to millions of adults and children throughout the United States and around the world. We are branching into other areas of service as well.

New Secret Shoes!

Since the program's inception in 2006, I have been dedicated to growing this organization and cause. I continue to coordinate efforts to collect shoes and supplies and form alliances and organized distribution channels in the U.S. and globally. I have traveled extensively throughout the world and been involved in outreach or missionary work in the U.S., Israel, Egypt, Italy, South America, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Africa and Jamaica.

Ministring To A Homeless Lady On The Streets Of Rome

As the author of my book and my role as President of this nonprofit, I am reaching out to a needy world and sharing a few of my greatest joys…faith, the love of reading and a great pair of shoes…what could be better? I am committed for the long haul.

"'Secret Shoe Stables'…A Dream Come True…!"

We own a 12 acre ranch outside of a quaint town in beautiful Ohio. Tons of animals reside here. Each has a name, is considered part of the family and is spoiled rotten. Check out Ranch Talk to get more details.

Jessica And I Getting Our New Baby Doll Sheep, Hot Mocha and Cinnamon Boots

Many times we open our ranch to rescue animals who have been abused, injured or abandoned. It has always been a dream of mine to do this. I've been helping hurt animals ever since I can remember. I have also managed an animal shelter in the Dakotas and worked as a veterinary technician in California. It is a goal to expand and incorporate this outreach as well.

Tiny Tim, the Crippled Goat We Saved, RIdes With Us to the Drive-thru Bank

I love living on the ranch and the silence of the country. Believe me, it still has plenty of action and excitement. Many times it even gets a little crazy around here with all of the critters, both large and small. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am grateful that Jessica can grow up in this fresh air/outdoorsy lifestyle and help the animals the way she does…it's a huge part of our lives!!

"Award Winning Internet Mompreneur…"

"Storybook Nook," a Special Place I Designed and Painted for Jessica to Encourage a Love and Fascination of Reading.

Instead of "Entrepreneur," I have chosen the title "Mompreneur." "Mom" comes first in the word, and it definitely comes first for me. Being a stay at home mother for my daughter has always been my priority. I have been home with Jessica since she was born and consider it a true blessing, especially in the tough economy we now face. My heart goes out to the thousands of mothers who would love to do the same, but can't because of financial hardship.

My Poster Hanging in the Window Before a Booksigning

Jessica and I Each Received a Crystal Antique Shoe from a Guest at our Book Signing Launch…We are in Our Matching "Shoe" Denim Outfits

Her childhood is passing by quickly. I want to be here to instill my values and beliefs and be a good role model. I want to share all the details and make special memories. That's the magic in life…you've got to catch it while you can. To me, that is 100% Pure Gold.

"Who Else Wants To Take Control Of Their Finances And Design Their Life…?"

I now have a home-based business, complete control of my time, flexible/PT hours and no commute. I am proud to be a part of an incredible top-tier opportunity which pays out serious money and attracts serious people who want to make serious profits in a quick period of time. This is NOT one of those funky internet business money scams. You know the ones I'm talking about. Our Members Acquire True Wealth which focuses on financial wealth, health, wisdom and time freedom as well. It is the most exclusive, respected, premier wealth creation community in the world. We are allowed access to information which was previously made available only to the ultra-wealthy. It is changing multitudes of lives, including ours.

Ready to Eat with Karl Bessey, Co-Founder of WMI and Wayne Allen Root, 2012 U.S. Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party

"What a blessing!" When businesses are shutting down by the multitudes, and millions are losing jobs, we are experiencing major growth, more than we've seen before. And our investment portfolios are filled with incredible profits. This momentum will increase as more and more people realize they urgently need to take the financial security of their families into their own hands. It is also a Golden Opportunity to amass unheard of profits in your investment portfolio. The track record here is impeccable…meaning, "Out Of The Ball Park." 🙂

"Who Else Wants Financial Wealth, Health And Wisdom…?"

Are you tired of trading time for money in a dead end job? Are you making enough money but just want to free up some time? Are you looking for a new opportunity? Do you just want some amazing financial and investment information which can explode your portfolio profits? If any of this excites you, you may get more details by checking out the Work With Sonja Section.

This Business Allows Free Time and Flexibility for Travel

I am creating a network of successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. I am being mentored by millionaires and multimillionaires and rubbing shoulders with multiple billionaires. I would love to visit with you about the possibilities of how this may change your life and see if this is a good match for you. Well over 95% of the population is not aware of the truth of what is really happening in the financial world today. The economy is in a major financial crisis. Most people are sleep walking their way to a financial disaster.

I consider it part of my purpose in life to get this critical news out to people.  It is not too late to create financial security for yourself and your family. You NEED this information. Find out the true facts NOW.  Go Here Now to Get the Facts:

"Helping Others Achieve Success…"

I am privileged to use the most powerful, respected internet platform available on the internet. When you set this system up, it is like an army of workaholic robots working for YOU 24/7, 365 days a year, all over the world. WOW!! When you truly grasp that and understand how that can change your life, it will change your life!! Trust me!

Speaking at the Live Wealth Conference at the Exquisite Ritz Carlton Ballroom in Jamaica, July 2010

Using this unfathomable leverage of the internet allows YOU to take control of your time, design the life you truly care about, provide security for your future and leave a legacy for your family. It is doable and achievable NOW! Because my system is set up, I enjoy helping other like-minded people get their system up and running as well. Those who want to control their destiny, are serious about improving their lives and getting what they want. Entrepreneurs who understand what they have their hands on here.

"Even A Five-Figure Week…!"

No need to do anything special. I just plugged into a system, devoted some time and I am having success. I've even had a five-figure week. It's allowing me to stay home…that is by far the best part. And my schedule is free and flexible. I control my time. I run my business from my laptop either sitting on the couch, comfy in my bed (with pillows fluffed around me and my dogs and cat curled up by my side), in the backyard or traveling anywhere in the world. Sometimes I even make some calls while I'm in the barn, grooming my horses, riding my horse Gucci through the woods, swinging in our shaded hammock or floating on the air mattress in our pool. It's really that good!!

I love to sit under our backyard gazebo. I call it my outdoor office. It's one of my favorite places to work or read…smelling the fresh air, hearing all the birds singing and chattering, feeling a cool breeze, and hearing an occasional nicker from our horses, a bray from the donkeys or a baa from the sheep, etc., etc. Many times our pasture pets actually gather around or hang their heads over the fence to see what I'm up to. They all want a piece of the action. There's nothing like it.

"Catch 'em While You Can… Life's Curve Balls Turn Out Right…"

Today I am an M3 Master Consultant Elite, traveling the world. I have been to five business events, have a growing business and this year we are solidly on track to getting my husband retired from his job. How exciting. That will provide loads of family time.

Great Shopping in Italy !

What a Treat…Buying New Italian Boots in Rome

I almost have to chuckle now…I'm actually getting a lot out of my life's curve balls. When you keep seeking and having faith you truly are led to opportunities. Now I know, more than ever before, you have to grab those golden opportunities when they come. If you feel a peace in your heart, grab a hold, go for it, and never let go. For years I have searched for a business like this and now I've got it. I am very grateful and my dreams are coming true. "Opportunity is like a sunrise…If you are not awake, you will miss it."

"Meeting People From Around The World…"

To continue traveling is an important goal of mine. I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and I'm fascinated to learn about other cultures, customs, beliefs and ways of life. I want to help these people if they are in need.

My Goal is to go to Zimbabwe to Help these People in 2011

Another big goal is to expand my network of friends through the internet. I've discovered this past year it is actually a bright bustling place to meet people and many of my best friends, who have now turned into lasting relationships, I have met online. The internet truly is an amazing, life changing gift.

Some Nitty – Gritty Details

"A Peek Into My Past…"

At twenty two, I was in a major car accident. Several very difficult years resulted, but I made it through. A true lesson at a young age that life can change in the blink of an eye. Life is fragile and doesn't always happen exactly as you plan.

Ready to Swing from our Backyard Tree

Many of my past roads have been quite a journey. Just like everyone else, I have traveled my share of curvy, bumpy, dusty trails…but I still believe I will reach my ultimate dreams in life. I just have to keep picking myself up and putting myself back out there. My faith is important to me. God never lets you down and He never stops caring. And I totally believe that all things are possible with the Lord–even when things look like they are ready to fall apart.

"Recovered Perfectionist Now Juggling Life With A Smile…"

I must admit, I had perfectionist tendencies…but I am recovered. Now that I have a few years on me, I allow more room for error in myself, in others and in situations. Trying to juggle life when things aren't going exactly right used to stress me out a bit. Now I actually find the magic in this 3-ring-circus called life.

Zip-Lining in Jamaica!

Things don't stress me out as much and usually stressful situations make me laugh. That helps me get through. In my thirties, it finally sunk in: Things will never be perfect and I will never be perfect.

Kissing a Sea Turtle

I used to be pretty tough on Sonja. Now I understand myself more and am kinder to myself. I have learned as I've gotten older to give myself a break. I've got nothing to prove. I can just be me and appreciate who I am, without a bagful of accomplishments.

On the Slopes at Perfect North in Indiana

This allows me to reach out, accept others and appreciate them for who they are as well. Those were big step for me.

"California Dreaming…"

Ahhh…squinting in the sunshine…I can still smell the coconut oil on my skin, feel the warmth on my tan body and the breeze in my face as I jump the wake behind our boat then cut cleanly through the water on the edge of my ski. We were truly living the California Dream.

We Love Boating, Water-Skiing and Tubing! Bella and Otis are Along for the Fun!

In my young twenties, I moved to California to gallop race horses and train hunter/jumpers. I fell in love with the weather and most of all, I fell in love with Steve, a California native. We dated 18 months, had an amazing time, got married and stayed in California, living the California dream for sixteen more years. While there, I went to school and worked in the mortgage loan industry for 2 years, then I got my CA real estate license, and was a top listing agent for five.

"California Catwalks Lead To Secret Shoe Success…"

I have twelve years of professional modeling experience throughout CA and a little in Vegas and New York City. I received five International Awards at the 2000 Exclusive International Modeling Competition held at the Waldorf Astoria In New York City:

Saks Fifth Avenue Fox Fur–A Pose By the Pacific Ocean

1st Runner-Up in High Fashion Runway, 1st Runner-Up in Photogenic, 3rd Runner-Up in Swimsuit, 5th Place in TV Commercials, and 8th Place in Soap Star.

Receiving One of My Five Modeling Awards, at the MAAI Exclusive International Competition in NYC, from Joseph Barbara of "All My Children"

My most extensive experience is fashion runway and fashion print, however I have done several TV commercials and an international ad for Helen Rubenstein. I also landed a part as a ballroom dancer in the movie Bicentennial Man, starring Robin Williams.

Outside the Set of "Bicentennial Man" while Filming in San Francisco

Being involved in the international fashion industry was an awesome experience. I was also a top buyer at the national fashion markets.

Modeling Designer Ski Wear

These experiences put me behind the scenes, they allowed me to see what was really going on and what girls and young ladies were putting themselves through to fit into the mold of the "latest fashion trend."

Modeling Camouflage… What a Shot!

What goes on behind the scenes isn't as pretty as what you see on the cover. Thinking back on these times is what led me to write about true inner beauty in my book, The Mystery Of The Secret Shoes, which I wrote for and dedicated to my daughter Jessica. It is a great message for everyone, but especially young girls.

"Classy Comfort To Devastating Disappointment…"

Everything was going great for us in California. We had a comfortable income, lived in a beautiful, designer home on a court which was upgraded to the max, inside and out. We had an in-ground pool and waterfall, hot tub, sauna, pool house, tiki bar, koi pond, and outdoor shower. It was all surrounded by lush, tropical plants, bamboo and fruit trees. We loved our friends, neighbors and our town. We were involved in the community and our daughter was attending a private Christian school we really liked. My book had just been released and I was on my book tours. I had a professional modeling career for the past twelve years and Steve was a police officer with only six years to retire. We thought we were set for life.

"At Barnes and Noble in California. One Stop on My Book Signing Tour."

And then whack, he had a major shoulder injury. He had two surgeries and lots of physical therapy, but to our great disappointment, he was unable to return to work. We were devastated. It was a huge hit for us emotionally and financially. I felt like our life had gotten all off track. We zigged when the road zagged. I couldn't believe it was really happening. What were we going to do? Where were we going to go? We had no idea and we didn't have much time. Our money was running out.

"Beverly Hillbillies in Reverse…?!"

We kept our hopes up and used these closing doors as an opportunity to get some land like we always dreamed of. Land prices in California were just too high. To even get an acre or two we would have to take such a hit on our home. So we searched the internet. Steve and I flew out, toured properties meeting our criteria in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. We were hoping for Kentucky because of the horses, but liked this Ohio set up the most. We found and now own a 12 acre ranch with a Victorian Style home and 3 barns amongst the beautiful rolling hills of Ohio. We picked it up for a good price and love it. It's a dream come true. We've been here since the summer of 2008 and named our ranch, "Secret Shoe Stables."

"Bits And Pieces…"

I am:  Positive, Uplifting, Happy, Fun and Adventurous.  I am Loving , Compassionate, Romantic, Generous and Easygoing.  I am also Grateful, Appreciative, Organized, Artistic and Encouraging to be around.  But I am also:  Extremely Serious About My Purpose in Life.

Hiking in the Deep Woods of Alaska…the Scenery was Breathtaking and I Found a Friend to Join Me

When it comes to that Purpose I have:  Total Focus, Drive, Fortitude, Courage and Unwavering Dedication. Hobbies and Interests:  Traveling, Horseback Riding, Walking our Dogs, Working Out, Investment Opportunities, Reading, Self-Improvement, Water and Snow Skiing, Outdoor Adventures, Scuba Diving, Swimming with Dolphins, Hiking, Ballroom Dance, Painting and Photography

Kayaking in the Peaceful Evening Waters, by Haines, Alaska

I Like:  LEVERAGE!!, Being Fully Alive in the Moment, Quality Time with Family and Friends, Warm Sunshiny Days, Making New Friends, Building Life-Long Relationships, Watching Clouds in the Day and Stars at Night, Fresh Air, Open Windows, Clotheslines, Wind Chimes, Farmers' Markets, Spinning Rides, Art, Laughter, Prayer, Fashion and Shoes, Collecting Heart Rocks, Fresh Flowers, Home Decor, Gardening and Fresh Produce, Being Outdoors, Picnics, Nature, All Animals, Having Faith, Being a Doodlebug and a Bookworm, Going Barefoot on the Beach, Fresh Seafood, Creative Possibilities, Lots of Pillows, Making Memories that Last a Lifetime and Inspiring Another Life!!

"I Strive To…"

To be present in whatever I do, staying in the moment, relishing every second…that's what makes up life, and that's what makes me feel so alive. Living each day with gratefulness.

Steve and I Enjoying a Drink at the Swim-Up Bar in Costa Rica

Continue to learn and increase my value to give to others. Search for ways to make the world a better place and for ways to give an unexpected gift. Another goal is to remain comfortable with who I am, yet always strive to be my best and inspire others to have confidence and be their best. It is also my goal to remain passionate and balanced. This keeps me energized and on track. And never forgetting to take it easy…just kicking back with the two people I cherish the most, my husband and my daughter. That is my definition of joy.

Relaxing on the Shore, Outside of Our Beachfront Hotel Room in Costa Rica, After Playing Hard All Day

Lastly, I want to live a life of no regrets and leave a legacy by always living and working with a bigger purpose. I believe you leave a legacy by making your life about more than just yourself and about more than just now. That is what I am striving to do.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Outdoors

My ultimate goal is to live a life which is pleasing to the Lord and fulfill the purposes He created me for. I want to follow where He leads and strive to live each step with purpose! May Your Journey Be Filled With Blessings And May You Cherish Every Step!


Live With Purpose,

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