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Ranch Talk

Hanging Out at the Barn on Our Ranch, “Secret Shoe Stables"…Heaven’s A Little Closer In The Barn!

“A Dream Come True…!”

Born and raised in the Dakotas, I grew up a city girl, but craved the country. I’ve always considered myself a country girl with a country heart and I’ve dreamt of owning a ranch full of critters my entire life. This is a dream come true living here, working with the animals and seeing them from our windows all day long. I love nature, the outdoors and every kind of animal ever created. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I am finally here. The lifestyle is definitely not for everybody. It’s a lot of hard work, but it is very rewarding and enriching…definitely a blessing. I know I’m home. “Watching our majestic horses from the window…takes my breath away.” –Sonja Solaro

“Welcome From Everyone, Large and Small,
Kick Back and Enjoy Them All…”
Secret Shoe Stables is a 12 acre ranch outside of
a quaint town in beautiful Ohio.
We’ve been here since the summer of 2008.

Otis is our Peka-Pug…He May be Small, but He Thinks He's Big and He Pretty Much Runs the Ranch

The country has a peaceful, homey silence. The chirp of crickets and frogs and the wind through the leaves fill the crisp air. However, we still have plenty of action and excitement at Secret Shoe Stables. Seems there is never a dull moment around here. Sometimes it even gets a little crazy with all of the critters who call this home. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Just a Few of Our Many Pasture Pets…Our Horses, "Waffles" Our Donkey, and Three of Our Goats…We Love Them All

We have horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, a cow, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, doves, parakeets, parrots, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, frogs, fish, and wild baby birds. Each and everyone has a name, is considered part of the family and is spoiled rotten.

“The Rested Rooster…?!”

Our handsome rooster, Redneck Tom, struts around here like he owns the place and has all 20 hens in a fluster. He does a great job keeping the hens laying, but he is a little off in one main area: his timing

Our Red Neck Rooster Strutting Out!

Aren’t roosters suppose to crow at the crack of dawn? Well our guy sleeps in until he chooses to get up and doesn’t crow until around 11:00 a.m. We’re not sure why. If any one has a theory, please let me know. Maybe we have too many hens in the hen house keeping him up too late? Yes, Jessica has given each of them a name. This summer, we had six hatchlings. We did have to incubate them and we were thankful they all survived.

“Helping The Homeless, Hurt or Hungry…”

Many times we open our ranch to rescue animals who have been abused, injured or abandoned. It has always been our dream to be able to do this. Each time we help an animal or save its life, it enriches ours. We are looking for ways to expand this outreach.

"Bandit" Was Dumped Along The Road. He Was Bloody, Covered With Fleas And Had Been Beaten. He Now Has A Happy Home For The Rest Of His LIfe At "Secret Shoe Stables."

As a child I loved visiting my grandparent’s farm and helping with the animals. I knew I wanted my own farm some day and I wanted to be a veterinarian.. I had a rows of medical/first-aid books for animals and studied the words and pictures for hours on end. Then I would practice bandaging and doctoring my dog ,horse, guinea pig or any other animal I could find that would sit still long enough. In my twenties I cared for animals in the shelter I managed, I also worked as a veterinary technician in California, and I took dogs and other pets to senior homes and care centers. Now, I’m always working with the animals we have around the ranch and the injured ones we try to nurse back to health.

A Young Cardinal We Rescued and Released Back to the Wild

We’ve doctored horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, a frog, dozens of baby birds, and we even tried saving a deer.

“Our Home And Yard At Secret Shoe Stables…”

Our Home and the Barn we use for Secret Shoe Steps International, Inc.

Our Victorian-style house just turned 100 years old. We worked extremely hard refurbishing the entire inside, including stripping the floors to expose the gorgeous original wood. I enjoy the character and charm of the home. It is fascinating to know it holds decades of stories.

Our Country Kitchen

Our Parlor

Our Mudroom/Laundry Room

It has a warm, peaceful, homey feel. Everything seems restful too, but it is amazing the amount of work it takes to keep things running. Our lives are so different now than in California. This definitely is more work, but it is very fulfilling. I love the ranch life, being connected to the earth and the animals. And we grow fresh things to eat in our giant garden. We also have all kinds of fresh herbs and numerous fruit trees.

Jessica Bottle Feeding Her Newborn Baby Calf, Lula May

And thanks to all of the resident chickens, there’s never a shortage of eggs. Jessica sells them to make some extra pocket change. I am grateful she can grow up in this fresh air/outdoorsy lifestyle…it’s a huge part of our lives.

“From Coops And Corrals To Barns And Backwoods… ”

We have 3 large barns, a round corral, 5 pastures, 2 chicken coops, and a plowed riding area. The tractor barn stores the mower, tiller, quad, bikes, the horse sulky and our other tools and equipment.

Jessica Does Chores, Charlie Follows Behind, Round Corral in Background

Jessica with our first baby goat, Fannie May and our Dog, Bella…Tractor Barn in Background

The old tobacco barn was built in the 1800’s. All of our pasture pets take shelter there, as do the bunnies. It has the original poles used for hanging and drying the tobacco leaves. It has been totally refurbished by some neighboring Amish construction workers. We have decorated it inside and out with antique tack, bits, spurs and horse décor. It has 4 enclosed stalls, a tack room, a first aid cupboard, and a small fridge which holds something cool to drink. The hayloft is stacked to the ceiling with bales of hay, evidence of our preparation for the upcoming winter. Outside is a hitching post, a picnic table and a water spicket.

Jessica with Reindeer Charlie in the Old Tobacco Barn.

The Secret Shoe Barn is the one we have set aside for the nonprofit. It holds boxes of shoes, socks, clothing, books, Bibles and other supplies suitable for donating. It is a drop-off and storage location and also a place where supplies are cleaned, sorted, boxed, baged and distributed. We have extensive plans to upgrade this area. For more information, you may visit:

“Our Very Special Brooke…”

Our property include four acres of backwoods which are loaded with wildlife, especially deer, coyotes, fox, raccoons, opossums, owls, and hawks. We love to trail ride with the horses, hike with the dogs, or take the quad for a spin. Sometimes we even pack a picnic.

Sonja on Gucci and Jessica on Charlie, coming back from a ride through the woods and a fun splash in "Jessica's Brooke".

A creek cuts through the woods, which we named Jessica’s Brooke. We named it that because Jessica’s middle name is Brooke. I designed and painted a sign and gave it to her as a surprise gift. The Brooke is a special place for us to visit and explore.

The water is full of small fish, frogs, toads and turtles. Approximately 20 of the turtles to date are ones we have saved from the middle of the hot Ohio and Kentucky roads and highways. We scoop them up and release them to safety in the cool waters of the back brooke. Also, it’s a treat for our horses to splash and play in the water every time we take them on the trails. They bang their hooves and swoosh their noses in and out of the water, before finally quieting to get a sip to drink.

“No Time To Fuss,

Just Country – Comfy – Cozy…”

Around the ranch, I’m a busy gal. I’ve got a family, a home, a barn full of animals and a garden to tend. So on a day to day basis I’m happy to trade designer clothes and fancy shoes for something comfy and cozy. I just don’t take a lot of time to fuss. I get ready, put on a touch of makeup, flip my hair up and I’m good to go. Oh, I can’t forget…usually it’s all about a great pair of shoes. But on the ranch, the boots do the talking. I’ve got a closet-full, but my favorite’s are my custom, inlaid Tony Llama’s. Ahh…they fit like a glove and feel like butter. When I visit the horse barn to care for animals pockets come in handy…so I can tuck a few peppermints into them. Horses and donkeys love peppermint. Believe me, when you have a large herd, a little bit of sugar goes a long way…

“Horse Crazy…”

I begged for a horse since I can remember. When I got my first one at the age of nine–I was hooked. Most of my days from then on were spent at the barn. I was meant to ride and I was meant for the country and I knew it. My childhood horse, Dynamite was a gorgeous buckskin. He was my dream, my best buddy and he gave me a great escape. I could jump on him bareback, run through the fields or just lie on his back for hours listening to him munching his hay. He took care of me. I felt happy when I was with him. Why horses take over someone’s life is a great mystery, but I knew horses would be a part of my life forever. I was a gifted rider, so I followed my bliss and majored in equestrian science at Northwest College in Wyoming where I received my Equestrian Science Degree. After graduating with honors I was chosen as the college intern for one year.

With My Registered Quarter Horse Gelding, Gucci

Then I hop-scotched around the U.S. galloping race horses, breaking colts, I was a riding instructor, taught lessons, gave clinics, trained hunters and jumpers on both coasts, judged shows and also volunteered as a handicap/therapeutic riding instructor. I also won several top national honors in horse judging.

“Ride-Up Movies At The Ranch…”

It’s become a tradition and a fun night out for the entire barnyard. My daughter and I put on our pajamas, pop popcorn, fill our canteens and head to the barn. We bring our horses into the barn, hop on bareback and watch a movie. The donkeys, sheep, goats and Lula May, our cow, all gather around too. They enjoy us spending so much time out there. And of course, they get handfuls of grain for movie snacks. We give each of the horses a hay-net stuffed with alfalfa to keep them facing toward the television. Occasionally they walk around and we laugh as we quickly turn backwards on them so we can still see the movie. For those times, we also pull out a trusty carrot to bribe them back toward the TV. screen.

“Outdoor Office…”

I run my business from my laptop either sitting on the couch, comfy in my bed with pillows fluffed around me and my dogs and cat curled up by my side, in the backyard or traveling anywhere in the world.

Sometimes I even make calls while I’m in the barn, grooming my horses, riding my horse Gucci through the woods, swinging in our shaded hammock or floating on the air mattress in our pool. It’s really that good!!

I love to sit under our gazebo. I call it my outdoor office. It’s one of my favorite places to work or read…smelling the fresh air, hearing all the birds singing and chattering, feeling a cool breeze, and many times hearing the horses nicker, the sheep baa or the donkeys bray. Sometimes our pasture pets gather around or hang their heads over the fence to see what I’m up to. There’s nothing like it.

“Schedule…Fun, Free And Flexible…”

I just plugged into the system, devoted some time and I am having success. I’ve even had a 5 figure day. It’s allowing me to stay home…that is by far the best part, and I control my time. I’m not tied to the computer all day! My business is set up, so it runs almost entirely on autopilot and it is incredibly powerful. I’ve always searched for systems which provide leverage and freedom, and this one is 100% cutting edge. This is based on a G.P.T business model, which pays huge upfront money, frees up your time, and gives you back your life. I knew we wanted to harness this power for ourselves and the security of our family and farm, so with gratitude in my heart I put my blinders on and I’m never looking back. One of the things I enjoy most about this business is helping like-minded people. Those who are interested contact me…all on auto-pilot…and without my personal intervention.

“Harness Up This Massive Workhorse For You And Your Family…”

People will contact YOU too, and YOU can make incredible amounts of money, all on autopilot, when you get plugged in.

Our Belgian, "Charlie,"… Harnessed Up and Ready to Prance

If this sounds interesting to you and you are serious, I am here to help you. For more information, go to the “Work With Sonja” tab now. Or you may visit When I found this system, I had a peace in my heart and knew it was for me. For years I have searched for a business like this. Now I’ve got it. I am very grateful and my dreams are coming true.

“Who Else Wants To Make Their Dreams Come True…?!”

If you ever wanted to make real life changing income so you can decide what you will do each day, all from home or wherever you choose to be, this is your opportunity to stop looking and start earning. Many people take years trying to figure out how to do it on their own, and most fail. Here you just plug into the proven, turn-key system, and create your own success. You can stay home, head out to the beach, on a vacation, or anywhere you choose, anytime you want and your marketing system will still be busy working 24/7 every day of the year.

Steve, Jess and I Relaxing at the FIshing Hole

Who knows, maybe your goal is to have your own country homestead with a corral of critters someday soon.

A key to my success was a willingness to step out of my comfort zone, believe in myself and take a risk. You only have to make up your mind to go for it and know you are going to succeed.

I look forward to working with you.

To your Success,

Sonja Solaro

Master Internet Marketer, Elite
Award Winning Mompreneur
Home Internet Business Coach

Dedicated To The Business Of Your Utmost Success!

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 Sonja Living Her Dream and Wanting You to Live Yours!

P.S. “Blessings To You From The Barnyard…!”

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