Sonja Solaro --Christian Wife, Stay at Home Mother, Published Author, Nonprofit Founder/President

Make Money

"Are YOU Ready…?!"

"Are YOU Ready For Financial Freedom From The Comfort Of Your Own Home…

Or Wherever You Choose!"

Desperate  Mother  (With Wiped- Out Savings,
Wiped- Out Emergency Fund, Wiped- Out
Investment Portfolio and Maxed- Out Credit
Cards) Was ‘At The End of Her Rope’…”

She Earned Five Figures In One Week

And A Full Time Income From Home In 90 Days Flat.

She Knows YOU Can Do The Same…

“MORE Importantly, She Cares About YOU and She Will Help YOU if You are SERIOUS About Your SUCCESS…!”

Makes Me Sick Looking Back, But That’s My Honest, Horrific Headline. So, What Do I Do Now? What was my Solution? I Help Other People. I’ll Give You A Hint: *Mega – Money Explosions!*

Does YOUR Headline Stress You Out? Keep You Up At Night?

Believe Me, I Know How You Feel…”

Living Paycheck To Paycheck? Behind On Your Bills? Barely Scraping By? Is Your “Horrific Headline” Stealing Your Family Time? Stealing Your Dreams? Perhaps You Make Enough Money, But Want To Free Up Your Time, Get Rid Of Your Commute Or 12 Hour Days. Do You Want To Increase Your Investment Portfolio? Live life on your own terms?

“Who Else Wants Drastic Financial Changes In 90 Days Flat…?”

Buckle Up And Hold On Tight. You Are About To Be Hit With An Explosion Of Urgent Business and Financial Information. If You Apply This System Correctly…It Will Flip Your Life Around 180 Degrees For The Better, Like It Did Mine. Sneak Peak Ahead: *Four Secret Discoveries* Which Changed My Life. I Will Reveal Where To Get Them So YOUR Life Can Change Too, If You Choose.

Doing a Bit of Business from Our Ocean View Balcony at The Ritz in Jamaica.

“Trust Me, It Is Not Too Late!
YOU Can Still Build A HIGHLY
Profitable Business
And Investment Portfolio.”

This Crumbling Economy Actually Makes It Easier. Businesses Close By The Droves. Accounts Dwindle. Yet We Are Shattering Sales Records. Our Portfolios Are Bulging With Juicy Investments. Hard To Understand? It Was For Me Too. Stay With Me. This Info. Will Blow Your Socks Off…! To Genuinely Improve Our Finances, We Need To Know And Start With The Truth. We Have Been Lied To For Years. I am Going To Be Honest And Straight Forward, These Truths Are Hard To Believe. If You Are One To Cover Your Eyes And Turn The Other Way, This May Not Be For You. I Am Furious! Why Haven’t We Been Told These Financial Truths And Prime Investment Opportunities Before? We Have Purposely Been Kept ‘In The Dark.’ Not Anymore.

“YOUR Opportunity To Find Out These Truths And How You Can Profit Greatly From Them Is Just Ahead. Read On…”

This Is Cutting Edge. You Are Here For A Reason. You Want Financial Security For You And Your Family. Your Life Is In Place To Change Enormously. 99% Of People Don’t Know What You Now Have The Opportunity To Know. You Are Blessed To Have This Opportunity. YOU Can Learn The Truth, Act On It, And Position Yourself To Make A Lot Of Money. The Sooner You Get Going The Better. But Let’s Take A Deep Breath. Remember It Is Not Too Late. And, I Will Help You If You Are Serious.

Girl’s – Night – Out
With My Beautiful Daughter, Jessica.

“What do YOU value…?”

Being A Stay At Home Mother Is My Priority. I’ve Always Been Home With My Daughter To Share Her Life. I Am Here To Instill My Values And Beliefs And Be A Good Role Model. Her Childhood Is Going Quickly. I Want To Share The Details And Make Special Memories. That’s The Magic In Life…You’ve Got To Catch It While You Can. To Me, That In Itself Is 100% Pure Gold.





What’s It All About For YOU? If You Lived A Life Of Complete Freedom, What Would You Do Each Day? Who Would You Spend Time With? What Would You Do For Fun? Where Would You Vacation? Who Would You Help?

“Let Me Share A Bit More About Me…”

Solid Looking Financial Future. Husband Making Six-Figures Plus. Due To Retire In 6 Years. Out Of The Blue…Struck With Not One, But Several Major Crisis. We Were WIPED Out Financially! Our Road Zigged. We Zagged. “I Tied A Knot At The End Of My Fraying Rope And Held On Tight With My Faith.” I Refused To Leave Home To Get A Job. We Were Paying Minimum Payments, Scraping By On A Shoestring Budget, Starting To Fall Behind. Yuck! I Racked My Brains, Searched The Internet, And Prayed For Guidance. I Needed A PROVEN System I Could Plug Into And Turn A Quick Profit.

“I Was Led To Secret Discovery #1: ‘The Coffee House Letter’

Fascinating Read! I Gobbled Up Every Word. Not About Boring Conventional Marketing. A Revolutionary Concept Called “G.P.T.” (Get Paid Today) Was Discussed. WOW! YOU’LL Get The Whole Delicious Scoop When You Read It Yourself. I Give You The Link Further Down. It Turns Your Business Around. YOU Can Profit In Days.

“Ahhh…This is For Real…I am Working on My Hammock! All I Need to do Business is My Cell Phone, Computer and the Internet. Do You Want OUT Of Your Office Cubicle?!”

“Who Else Wants To Work Once And Get Paid
On Those Same Efforts, Day In And Day Out,
Even While Sleeping Or Vacationing…?”

“The Coffee House Letter” led me to Secret Discovery # 2: A Streamlined, Efficient System. Set It Up, Do A Small Amount Of Maintenance, Get Paid, Period. It Works It’s Tail Off For Me On Autopilot 24/7, All Over The World, 365 Days A Year! Like Masses Of Leveraged Robots, All Working For Me! This Shocking System Will Sift, Sort, Tell and Sell For YOU Too! INSANELY POWERFUL! I Was Crazy Excited! Harness That Power And We’d Have Our Life Back And Peace Of Mind Too. No Need To Trade Time For Money. Are YOU Willing To Invest Some Time And Effort To Set Up Your Own Army Of Workaholic Robots? These Leveraged Robots Will Work Their Tails Off For You. They NEVER Take A Break. Do You Desire This Level Of Success?

“Speaking at the Live Financial Wealth Conference at the Exquisite Ritz Carlton Ballroom in Jamaica, July 2010”

“Let’s Keep Going…Can You Believe It Gets BETTER…?!”

There Are *Money – Bombs* Ahead And I Am Dying To Tell You About Them!

“Hold Your Horses Sonja. Is This Just Another MLM Company?” That Was My First Question Too. I Understand. You See, I’ve Persisted With Several MLM Companies Myself, Usually Coming Up With Low Profits… Down Right Discouraging! Flush Your Fears. NO, This Is NOT MLM Where It Takes Years To Profit. There Is No Chasing Friends And Family, No Cold Calls, No Product Pitches, No Stocking Products To Keep Up With Monthly Quotas… FORGET IT ALL!

“Secret Discovery #3: The *Money-Bomb* Business Model…”

“Pays SERIOUS Money And
Attracts People Wanting Serious Profits NOW…!”

Times Have Changed. No One Wants To Wait For Profits. Those Long Term Residual Businesses Takes Time To Build. Only A Liar Says They Don’t. Run The Other Way. This Top Tier Business Model Provides Immediate Leveraged Income. It Pays In Weekly ‘Money-Bombs.’ And, *Money-Bombs* Pay *Mega-Money.* Who Wants To Work For Crumbs? Combine This Explosive Up Front Cash With Floods Of Long Term Residual Income, Which Quietly Builds On The Back End, And You Are Set For Life. P.S. Don’t Forget To Add The Profitable Investment Portfolio You Are Advised To Build. The Track Record Here Is Impeccable… Meaning, ‘Out Of The Ball Park.’ 🙂

“My Husband Steve and I Enjoying Our Evening at The Formal Wealth Conference Awards Banquet.”

“Do You See Where You Are Going Now? Are Your Dreams Peeking Out? Squinting In The Light…?”

You Know…The Ones You Stuffed Way Back In A Dark Closet. The Ones I Believe You Were Created To Go After! If You’re Serious, I Want To Help You Build Your Business And Achieve Your Dreams And Purposes. I Am That Real. And This Business Is That Real Too. Imagine Your Life When You Start Making An Extra $5,000 – $10,000 Per Month. Then $30,000 – $50,000 Per Month And More. How Will Your Life Change? This Is Happening NOW! It Is Achievable! “Listen Close To What Mike Dillard Has To Say…” Mike Dillard Is Widely Known And Highly Respected In The Home Business Arena, So I Had No Doubt About His Honesty And Integrity. He’s The Real Deal.


“I’ve never seen another business where someone can plug-in to a simple marketing system and generate a full time income within their first 30 to 60 days.” This is the only business model I can whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who wants to earn a significant income from home. After reviewing every Top Tier business on the market, this is the only one I was willing to put my name on. Their products, mission, and compensation model are simply better than anything else out there which is why I became a Consultant. There is no doubt in my mind that the Top Tier business model offers the greatest opportunity for financial freedom in this industry. Mike Dillard is a professional marketer in Austin Texas. After struggling in the MLM industry for over 6 years, he discovered the strategies and tactics of “Magnetic Sponsoring” and went from waiting tables to Millionaire status by the age of 28, earning up to $357,000 in a single week.

Secret Discovery #4: Magnetic Sponsoring…”

After Reading Mike Dillard’s Testimony, I Ordered His eBook, “Magnetic Sponsoring,” Devoured It And Applied What I Learned. Trash Those “Old School” Tactics. No More Chasing People Down To Do Business With. NOW Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Contact Me. Most Importantly, They Will Contact YOU Too, When You Set Up Your System. The Big Thinkers, Go-Getters, People With Vision. You Don’t “Try To Convince Them.” **People Like This Already Know Who They Are.**

“Want To Be A Top Earner In Months, Not Years…?”

Ready To Tear It Up, Design Your Life, Get What You Want, Pursue Your Purpose, Own A Secure Investment Portfolio, Leave A Legacy For Your Family?

“Are YOUR Insides Grabbed Like Mine Were? Are You Relating?

** Yes, YOU CAN DO IT!**

Savvy Entrepreneurs Recognize This Is Not Small Peanuts. They Check
Out The Details
, Get Their Final
Questions Answered, Make A Decision,
Follow Through With Action And
Collect Their Profits…

“On Stage at the Wealth Conference in Jamaica
Receiving One of My 3 Top Marketing Awards.”

“YOU Are Here. It Shows YOU Are Serious
About The Financial Future Of You And Your Family.
Serious People Want The Facts And Choose To Take Action.”

Applying What I’ve Learned Here
Has Allowed Me To Go From Broke To Earning More In One Week Than Most Americans Make In Several Months.

Applying This Knowledge Also Has Me Dead On Track To Multiple Six-Figures Within Two Years.

If You Want The Facts, Read On…

“YES!…I Want FREE Instant Access To The Facts!”

“I Want To Learn All The Details About
The Most Powerful Marketing System In The World…"

“I Want To Learn How I Can Be In A Position To Earn
Five Figures In One Day, A Full Time Income
In 90 Days Flat…Starting Today…And A Multiple Six-Figure Income Within 2 Years…!”

“Let’s Go! Show Me The Money!”

I Know You May Not Know Me Personally, But Trust Me… You Do Not Want To Miss This Opportunity!! You Owe It To Yourself To At Least Check It Out… I’m Pretty Confident You’ll Like What You See. But If Not, There’s No Pressure…I’m Not That Type.

If You Are Interested, You Can Join Automatically And I Will Personally Call You To Welcome You. Or, You May Call My Home Office At: (571) SONJA-4-U. I Will Schedule A Call To Speak Personally With You Within 24 Hours. We’ll Be Sure To Get Your Final Questions Answered And Help You Get Started Detonating *Money – Bombs.* It’s A Blast When One Explodes…Hang Onto Your Hat!

“Our Goal Is To Get You Set Up And Get You Into Profit ASAP…!”

I Look Forward To You Joining Me, Meeting My Friends And Associates, Becoming A Part Of This Amazing Team And Opportunity and Flipping Your Life Around 100% For The Better, Like We Have Been So Blessed To Do. That’s It For Now… “Come Join Me. I Truly Look Forward To Meeting You And Working With You!”

Prosperous Regards, 

Sonja Solaro

Master Internet Marketer, Elite
Award Winning Mompreneur
Home Internet Business Coach

Dedicated To The Business Of Your Utmost Success.


“No Matter What You Pay To Achieve Your Dreams…It’s Always A Bargain!” -Sonja

Remember, If You Don’t Have Workaholic Robots Working For You 24/7, All Over The World On Total Autopilot…Then You Don’t Have Leverage Working For You Like You Should. Join Me Now And We’ll Help You Get Your System Set Up And Running. Our Goal Is To Help You Get Set Up And Get You Into Profit ASAP.



“Tell Me Some Details Sonja”…

* I’m Not Going To Lie. You Can’t Make Six-Figures Overnight With No Investment And Zero Work. This Is Not “Get Rich Quick.“

* It Is Possible For YOU To Make Enormous Money With This System In Less Time Than Anything I Have Ever Come Across Before In My Life.

* VERY Doable To Make $100,000+ Per Year, Your First Year. VERY Doable To Make $250,000+ In Your First couple Of Years. Many Are Making A Lot More. You Can Definitely Make Seven- Figures, If You Dedicate Yourself.

* You Need To Be Serious About Your Success. Be A Decisive Person Who Takes Action Quickly. Willing To Invest 10-15 Hours Per Week On Your New Business Venture.

*Understand This Is A REAL business. Some Startup Capital And Time Are Required.

Ready to Eat with Karl Bessy, Co-Founder of WMI and Wayne Allen Root, 2012 U.S. Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party.

“Who Else Wants To Join My Team Now? When You Do I, Along With My Team Of Millionaire Mentors…”

We Will Show You Ways To Go Into Profit Quickly And Begin Building Massive Leverage. We Have Access To Cutting Edge Strategies That Produce Results. We Are Whole Heartedly “In The Game” And Committed To Your Success. We Want To See You Change Your Life In Enormous Ways And Fulfill Your Dreams. We Are Real And This Business Is That Real.

“I Am Telling You, With Complete Confidence, This System Produces Results. It Changes Lives. If You Have Determination, An Entrepreneurial Spark, A Burning Desire To Succeed And Are Serious Enough To Take Action, You Will See Results. And Your Results Will Be Phenomenal.”

A Key To My Success Was A Willingness To Believe In Myself And Move Forward.

Gain Immediate Access Now.  Make Up Your Mind, Go For It And KNOW You Will Succeed.

"Let's Go…I'm Ready For Cutting Edge Profits!"


“Come Join Me! I Look Forward To Meeting You, Working With You And Helping You Succeed.”

Live With Purpose, 


Sonja Solaro

Dedicated to the Business of Your Utmost Success!

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